DevReady PodcastHow to Stand Out in the Sea of Sameness with Greg Smith – Episode 85 – DevReady Podcast

This episode of the DevReady Podcast, features Greg Smith, Founder & CEO, of Send Handwritten along with the hosts Andrew Romeo and Anthony Sapountzis. Greg is a Customer Experience Expert and in this episode, he shares with us all how a remarkable and memorable marketing campaign is designed and delivered to tell the customer that you care.

Customers want a tool that is the most cost-effective, easy to understand, and simple to implement so that it can be implemented the day before and ROI got on a coming day. People remember experiences and that’s what the company provides. Saying that modern marketing is all about building a community, his advice is:

1. Build long term relationships by creating long-term value

2. Build networks in your preferred space by investing time and resources into it

Topics Covered

· How to Stand Out in the Crowd

· Using Humor to Create Impact

· How to Retain Customers and Generate Leads

· The Memorable Marketing Blueprint

· Know When to Iterate and Pivot

· Build Human Relationships

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