DevReady PodcastInnovating Customer Experiences & Empowering Brands Through Ai – EP 108 – DevReady Podcast

In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, our host, Anthony Sapountzis is joined by Santiago Santa María Morales, Product Director at NTT DATA Europe & Latam. From enhancing customer service through AI to deciphering the future of communication, this conversation is a deep dive into the world of technology innovation. Don’t miss out on Santiago’s insights that could reshape how we interact with brands! 

Santiago is passionate about utilizing technology to improve lives and discusses his role in leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance brand-customer communication. He highlights their extensive use of technology, mainly focusing on the evolution of language models like GPT-3 and their impact on communication dynamics. Santiago emphasizes the need for communication automation and its benefits for users and companies.

The episode covers the positive influence of Ai technologies on customer service quality and addresses concerns about Ai-generated responses. Santiago also explores techniques for effective Ai utilization, such as fine-tuning and embedding, citing a partnership with L’Oreal as an example. He explains how Ai can transform purchasing behaviors by providing solutions to problems. Santiago delves into refining Ai output, revealing the technique of modifying sentences for better responses and dispelling myths about AI creation.

Santiago also discusses the profound challenge of trust in the digital age, where manipulated media undermines traditional channels and threatens democracy. He envisions the transformative impact of accelerating technological advancements on businesses and individual work processes. Santiago advises considering a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer to ensure Ai deployment throughout organizations and encourages seeking curated sources of information to navigate the complex Ai landscape.

Topics Covered
  • Leveraging AI to Elevate Brand-Customer Connections
  • Tech Evolution: From NLP to GPT-3 to Beyond!
  • Improving Customer Connections through Streamlined Communication  
  • Secrets to Near-Perfect Service through Ai
  • Crafting Hyper-Personalized Solutions
  • How GPT’s Magic Works
  • Inside the Ai Loop
  • Emergence of Skills for Ai
  • AI’s Multisensory Breakthroughs
  • Navigating the Digital Deception

Santiago Santa María Morales | LinkedIn

NTT DATA Europe & Latam | LinkedIn

NTT DATA | Website

Eva by NTT DATA | Website
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