DevReady PodcastLinkedIn’s Power Play: Building Brands and Networks That Last – EP 119 – DevReady Podcast

In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, our host, Anthony Sapountzis,  is joined by Kylie Chown,  a certified LinkedIn Strategist and a Social Media Trainer. Listen to this episode to understand how to leverage LinkedIn for business growth, establish a strong online presence, and navigate the evolving landscape of this professional networking platform. Discover invaluable tips and strategies for effective content creation, networking, and brand alignment in the digital world.

Through the episode, Kylie emphasizes the significance of leveraging LinkedIn as a powerful tool for businesses, highlighting its professional focus and the benefits it offers for networking and brand establishment. She discusses the changing landscape of LinkedIn, emphasizing the importance of providing valuable and educational content that resonates with the audience to overcome the recent decline in engagement. Chown also addresses the challenge faced by professionals transitioning to new industries, stressing the importance of building a relevant network aligned with their goals through targeted outreach and in-person interactions.

Furthermore, Chown underscores the importance of understanding the audience’s preferences on LinkedIn, emphasizing the need for tailored communication strategies and a well-optimized profile. She highlights the significance of maintaining a positive brand reputation and making a strong first impression by focusing on quality interactions and targeted networking. Chown also discusses the common issue of individuals underselling themselves on LinkedIn and emphasizes the importance of accurately positioning oneself online to align with their capabilities and business goals.

Additionally, Chown discusses the significance of maintaining brand and business alignment on LinkedIn, advocating for a balanced approach that reflects the organization’s values while allowing individuality to shine through. She underscores the need for a well-defined social media policy within organizations, emphasizing the importance of clear guidelines for content sharing and the framing of discussions around policy adherence. Chown also highlights the distinctions between personal profiles and company pages on LinkedIn, stressing the value of both for fostering engagement and connections based on individual interactions and brand awareness.

Finally, Chown delves into the importance of understanding audience content consumption preferences on LinkedIn, emphasizing the need for content formats that engage effectively and encourage platform retention. She discusses thematic content development and data analysis as essential elements for optimizing content performance and audience engagement.

Topics Covered
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for business growth and brand establishment
  • Adapting to the evolving landscape of LinkedIn and its content-sharing potential
  • Tailoring content on LinkedIn to provide value and unique insights
  • Strategies for professionals transitioning to new industries and building relevant networks
  • The significance of maintaining both online and in-person networks for business success
  • Understanding audience preferences and tailoring content formats for engagement
  • The importance of quality over quantity in LinkedIn outreach and networking
  • Strategies for accurately positioning oneself on LinkedIn and crafting impactful profiles
  • Maintaining brand and business alignment on LinkedIn through well-defined policies and processes
  • The distinctions between personal profiles and company pages on LinkedIn and their respective roles in brand building and engagement.
Important Time Stamps
  • Elevate Your Brand Online through LinkedIn (0:25 – 2:14)
  • Maximizing LinkedIn: Beyond Likes and Engagement (2:20 – 4:29)
  • LinkedIn Strategies: Crafting Thought-Provoking Content (4:30 – 5:25)
  • Strategic Networking on LinkedIn: Building the Right Connections (5:35 – 7:30)
  • LinkedIn Dynamics: Balancing Existing and New Networks (7:31 – 10:22)
  • LinkedIn Conversations: From Messaging to Meetings (10:29 – 14:30)
  • LinkedIn Outreach Strategies: Quality over Quantity (15:20 – 22:00)
  • Crushing the Undersell: Crafting Compelling LinkedIn Profiles (22:01 – 24:24)
  • LinkedIn Evolution: Aligning Profiles with Business Goals (24:25 – 35:35)
  • LinkedIn Brand Alignment: Navigating Individual and Company Profiles (26:45 – 29:17) 
  • From Intentions to Impact: Understanding Social Media Guidelines (29:30 – 31:16)
  • Strategic LinkedIn Assets: Maximizing Personal Profiles and Company Pages (31:34 – 38:07)

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