DevReady PodcastMaximizing Tax Breaks and Startup Growth with Attivare’s David Strybosch – EP 130 – DevReady Podcast

In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, host Anthony Sapountzis is joined by David Strybosch, Co-Founder, David explores innovative financial strategies for startups and then delves into the Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) program, discussing its substantial tax benefits for investors and how Attivare supports this initiative. Tune in to learn about unique investment models that ensure minimal risk while fostering startup growth.

David shares his extensive background in financial services and investments, discussing his innovative methods to help families expedite mortgage payments and his work in the intellectual property sector with He explains how offers affordable trademark and patent renewals, which significantly benefit startups. The conversation also covers the Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) program, detailing how it offers substantial tax incentives for investors in qualifying startups. David elaborates on how Attivare supports the ESIC initiative by maximizing tax benefits and supporting early-stage ventures.

David provides an in-depth look into the ESIC program and its substantial tax benefits for investors. He describes how investors can receive significant tax offsets and potentially avoid capital gains tax, illustrating the process with a detailed case study. He also addresses the stringent vetting process by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to ensure compliance. David emphasizes how Attivare simplifies the investment process for both startups and investors through its platform, which offers a structured investment model to ensure minimal risk and maximum benefit for all involved.

Further, David explains how the Attivare program enables investors to secure significant tax offsets while supporting innovative startups. He mentions that by investing a minimum of $500,000, investors can obtain up to $200,000 in tax offsets and substantially reduce their capital gains tax. David shares a success story where a client effectively reduced their capital gains tax by over $107,000 through the program. The program’s structure also provides a safety net, allowing investors to evaluate the startup’s progress over three years before making additional commitments. This approach ensures minimal risk and fosters startup growth.

Lastly, David elaborates on the mechanics of Attivare’s investment program that supports startups while protecting investors. The program allows startups to raise funds by securing loans from investors, who benefit from tax offsets and have three years to assess the startup’s performance. During this period, the invested capital is managed to generate revenue, mitigating risks for both parties. David highlights a scenario where a startup raised $1.5 million from three investors, ensuring stable funding and operational runway for three years. This innovative approach guarantees startups access to necessary capital while offering investors structured risk management.

Topics Covered
  • Introduction to David Strybosch and his background in financial services and investments
  • Innovative approaches to helping families pay off mortgages faster
  • Development of affordable trademark and patent renewals 
  • Overview of the Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) program and its tax incentives
  • Strategies for maximizing tax benefits through investments in qualifying startups
  • Detailed explanation of the ESIC program’s process and benefits using a case study
  • How Attivare supports startups and investors within the ESIC framework
  • Innovative investment models ensuring minimal risk and maximum benefit
  • Success stories and real-world examples of the program’s effectiveness
  • Mechanics of Attivare’s investment program and its impact on startup funding and growth
Important Time Stamps
  • From Financial Struggles to Empowering Startups: David Strybosch’s Story (0:20 – 11:05) 
  • How to Invest in Startups and Reap Big Tax Rewards: David Strybosch Explains (11:06 – 18:22)
  • Unlock $200K in Tax Offsets: Insights from David Strybosch of Attivare (18:23 – 24:22)
  • The Triple-Win Investment Model: Startups, Investors, and Innovation (24:23 – 28:37) 
  • Transforming Startup Funding: Attivare’s Win-Win Approach with David Strybosch (28:38 – 38:06) 

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