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In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, our hosts, Andrew Romeo and Anthony Sapountzis, are joined by Jeff Jaraved. He is the Co-Founder & Director (Engineering),, an online ad platform that brings Facebook-style advertising to digital billboards. Get ready to dive into the world of digital advertising and technological innovation with this podcast episode as the three explore the challenges, triumphs, and intricacies of building a self-service ad platform and navigating the complexities of the advertising industry.

Jeff talks about the journey of the company’s evolution from a design agency to a comprehensive online ad platform for digital billboards. He also sheds light on the initial struggles of reconciling high billboard costs with affordable advertising, which led to the innovative approach of selling 10-second ad slots at reduced rates, thereby providing flexibility and cost control for advertisers. The platform’s emphasis on serving small businesses in a niche market, often overlooked by larger players, is highlighted, along with the challenges of managing creative content and integrating dynamic creative solutions into the platform.

Jeff delves into the complexities of managing user-generated content, emphasizing the need for efficient triage processes and the implementation of measures to regulate and optimize the creative uploading process. The discussion also focuses on’s plans to enhance internal management processes and systems to better regulate content on the platform, along with the significance of implementing an abstraction layer for automatic content rejection. Furthermore, the company’s emphasis on achieving self-sufficiency and transitioning to a more structured business model, while contemplating potential acquisitions by larger entities, is discussed.

The challenges faced by in attracting investors, managing financial risks, and ensuring sustainable growth are some of the key points of discussion, emphasizing the company’s cautious approach to loans and the preference for utilizing existing funds. Jeff emphasizes the significance of fostering partnerships in the online advertising industry through transparent communication and the building of trust between businesses. Lastly, the importance of effective teamwork and the human-centric aspects of the business are underscored, along with the challenges associated with managing internal operations and addressing internal technological requirements.

Topics Covered 
  • Evolution to online ad platform
  • Balancing high costs with affordable ads
  • Navigating challenges with established players
  • Managing creative content complexities
  • Streamlining user-generated content processes
  • Enhancing internal management systems
  • Striving for self-sufficiency and structured growth
  • Challenges in attracting investors and managing risks
  • Fostering transparent partnerships in the industry
  • Emphasizing teamwork and human-centric approach
Important Time Stamps 
  • Revolutionizing Billboard Advertising: The CAASie Story (0:22 – 4:48)
  • Advertise Smart, Not Hard: CAASie’s Billboard Price Hack Revealed (5:00 – 9:06)
  • The Power of Flexibility: How CAASie Drives Revenue for Billboard Owner (9:12 – 11:30)
  • Bridging the Gap: How CAASie Connects Small Businesses to Billboards (12:02 – 21:18) 
  • The Creative Conundrum: CAASie’s Quest for Dynamic Ad Solutions (22:10 – 24:07)
  • Behind the Scenes at CAASie: Managing the Creative Onslaught (24:53 – 28:28)
  • Managing the Madness: CAASie’s Battle with User-Uploaded Ad (28:37 – 30:38)
  • From Data to Strategy: CAASie’s Vision for Enhanced Decision-Making (30:43 – 33:19)
  • The Road Ahead: CAASie’s Path to Sustainable Growth (33:39 – 36:52)
  • Investment Insights: Balancing Risk and Autonomy (37:30 – 40:40)
  •’s Risk Management Strategy for Navigating Growth (41:05 – 45:33)
  • Building Bridges: Navigating Partnerships in Online Advertising (45:46 – 47:30)
  • Beyond Tech: The Human Touch in’s Journey (48:57 – 50:29) 

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