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In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, host Anthony Sapountzis is joined by Greg Twemlow, Executive Director of SEVENmile Ltd and Founder of Future Skills Studio, who also serves as an Innovative Educator and Ethical Thought Leader. Greg discusses the transformative impact of AI integration and the importance of ethical leadership in the tech industry.

Greg wears multiple hats, leading initiatives to support local entrepreneurs in Sydney through SEVENmile and spearheading experiential learning programs, particularly aimed at high school students, through Future Skills Studio. His journey with AI began in late 2022 with the introduction of ChatGPT, leading to the integration of AI into various educational endeavors, where he has observed the potential for AI to exacerbate societal inequalities, a topic he actively addresses through articles and discussions.

Greg emphasizes the positive impact of AI on education, particularly in high schools, noting its ability to enhance learning pace and depth when utilized effectively for problem-solving. He underscores the importance of parents considering access to paid AI services for their children to mitigate potential disparities in classroom learning. Additionally, Greg introduces the concept of “breakout autonomy,” highlighting AI’s potential to empower individuals with newfound autonomy and agency.

The discussion further delves into the evolving landscape of AI tools for content creation. Greg explores various platforms and their strengths and limitations, advocating for using post-processing tools like Grammarly to refine AI-generated content. He then transitions to the transformative potential of AI in business operations, stressing the need for companies to adapt job roles and integrate AI capabilities across research, business planning, and marketing content creation to unlock significant growth opportunities.

Greg also addresses the responsibility of all generations, including grandparents, in promoting technological literacy within families, noting their potential as leaders to foster interest and learning in technology among younger generations. Finally, the conversation touches upon the challenges faced by non-tech entrepreneurs when seeking tech partners, highlighting the importance of reliable and ethical technology partners in navigating the complex landscape of AI integration.

Topics Covered
  • Introduction to Greg Twemlow’s background and roles
  • Greg’s journey with AI
  • Integration of AI into educational initiatives
  • Societal implications of AI adoption
  • The concept of “breakout autonomy”
  • Exploration of AI tools for content creation
  • AI’s transformative potential in business operations
  • Promoting technological literacy across generations
  • Challenges faced by non-tech entrepreneurs
  • “Everything Is a Remix” concept applied to AI innovation
Important Time Stamps
  • Future-Proofing Education: Greg Twemlow’s AI Journey (0:16 – 7:26)
  • Breakout Autonomy: AI’s Promise of Empowerment (8:06 – 11:57)
  • 24/7 Productivity Boost: How AI Became Greg Twemlow’s Best Partner (12:51 – 15:20)
  • AI Showdown: Greg Twemlow Explores the Content Creation Frontier (15:21 – 17:35)
  • From Research to Marketing: Greg Twemlow on AI’s Multifaceted Role (17:51 – 24:58)
  • AI for Everyone: Greg Twemlow’s Guide to Tech Literacy (25:42 – 28:47)
  • The Remix Revolution: Greg Twemlow on AI’s Impact (29:14 – 34:52)

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