DevReady PodcastBeat the Runway & Scale Faster with Jess Dahlberg – EP 126 – DevReady Podcast

In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, host Anthony Sapountzis sits down with Jess Dahlberg, a certified performance coach and startup mentor, to explore the intricacies of building a scalable culture within startup environments. Listen to Jess’s invaluable insights and personal journey of reinvention to gain practical guidance on optimizing performance, fostering collaboration, and navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Jess, drawing from her journey of reinvention after a divorce and her corporate background, identified a need for tailored support for tech founders in managing teams and optimizing performance. This realization led her to develop the Guest Collaborative Program, offering practical guidance to drive startup growth and efficiency.

Throughout the discussion, Jess highlights the unique challenges tech founders face, emphasizing their propensity for continuous learning and adaptability, which are crucial for success in the dynamic tech landscape. She underscores the importance of collaboration between tech and non-tech founders to leverage resources effectively and achieve milestones, navigating the delicate balance between innovation and progress.

Reflecting on her own transformative experiences, Jess emphasizes the role of intuition in guiding life decisions, drawing parallels to the intuitive nature of successful startup leaders. She advocates for creating a supportive startup culture that celebrates achievements and fosters resilience, which is essential for weathering the inevitable challenges of entrepreneurship.

Jess outlines four fundamental principles for startup success: performance, prioritizing founder well-being and productivity; people, cultivating an operational culture based on employee input; potential, aligning individual roles with the overall roadmap for focused direction; and pinnacle, guiding founders in leading their teams through the scale-up journey while maintaining positivity.

Lastly, Jess delves into the distinction between mentoring and coaching, highlighting the value of personalized coaching in empowering individuals to find their unique problem-solving and leadership approaches. She stresses the importance of recognizing individual talents and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, which is essential for sustainable growth in startup environments.

Topics Covered

· Jess Dahlberg’s Journey to Entrepreneurship

· Tech Founder Dynamics

· Balancing Urgency and Sustainability

· Cultivating a Supportive Culture

· Clear Roadmaps for Focus

· Principles for Startup Success

· Distinction Between Mentoring and Coaching

· Jess Dahlberg’s Personalized Coaching Approaches

Important Time Stamps

· Tech Founders’ Performance SOS: Jess Dahlberg’s No-Fluff Solution (0:17 – 7:32)

· Boardroom Brilliance: Strategies for Tech Founders to Maximize Resources (7:52 – 9:09)

· Finding Home: Jess’s Intuitive Journey to Manly (9:10 – 11:00)

· Breaking Barriers: Bridging the Gap Between Tech and Non-Tech Founders (11:13 – 14:50)

· From Grit to Glory: The Art of Startup Celebration with Jess Dahlberg (15:13 – 16:39)

· Roadmap to Results: Jess’s Key to Startup Success (16:40 – 22:11)

· Performance, People, Potential, Peak: Jess’s Startup Masterclass (22:29 – 28:33)

· Empower, Encourage, Envision: Jess’s Leadership Formula (28:34 – 31:02)

· Finding Your Startup Style: Jess’s Guide to Coaching (31:03 – 32:44)

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