DevReady PodcastBalancing Acts: Steve Grace’s Guide to Work, Life, and Global Impact! – DevReady Podcast – EP 123

In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, our hosts, Andrew Romeo and Anthony Sapountzis are joined by Steve Grace, Founder, TNG Media & The Nudge Group and  CEO, Balance The Grind. Steve also hosts a podcast, Give It A Nudge Show, and is the Director at YBF Ventures. Join hosts as they dive into Steve’s adventure in recruitment, unraveling the secrets behind his transformative media strategies and the art of balancing startup success.

Steve delves into his 28-year journey in tech recruitment, tracing his origins in London, a detour through a government-focused recruitment company, and the subsequent creation of Knowledge, an education-focused recruitment agency tailored for startups. The timing was fortuitous as the company expanded globally, just before the onset of COVID-19, benefitting startups and paving the way for the birth of media platforms.

Steve shares profound insights into the critical decision of choosing the right co-founder for a tech startup, emphasizing the need for non-tech founders to consider acquiring a tech co-founder early in the startup journey. He highlights the rarity of finding a skilled engineer with both technical expertise and business acumen, cautioning against hiring from larger organizations. The discussion extends to the dynamic nature of startup teams, the evolving roles of founders, and the necessity for founders to anticipate shifts in team composition as the startup progresses.

The podcast explores the impact of COVID-19 on the recruitment landscape, with Steve shedding light on the newfound ease of global recruitment and the evolving ability to assess candidates effectively through video interviews. A game-changing strategy is unveiled—using media to recruit for startups. Steve explains how “Give It A Nudge” YouTube channel reversed the traditional recruitment approach, significantly increasing success rates, impact, and candidate retention in startup roles.

Steve passionately expresses his love for the startup world, highlighting the positivity, excitement, and relentless work ethic of individuals within it. He contrasts the startup environment with corporate life, emphasizing the openness, lack of competition paranoia, and the sense of being part of something impactful as key reasons behind his affinity for the startup world. The episode concludes with Steve discussing the accidental evolution of “Balance The Grind” and “Startup Life Unscripted,” both becoming impactful media assets.

In summary, the episode provides a comprehensive journey through Steve Grace’s entrepreneurial ventures, offering valuable insights into startup dynamics, recruitment strategies, and the transformative power of media in the business landscape.

Topics Covered
  • Steve’s Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Choosing the Right Co-founder
  • Dynamic Nature of Startup Teams
  • Roles in Startup Growth
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Recruitment
  • Media as a Recruitment Strategy
  • Passion for the Startup World
  • Evolution of Media Ventures
  • Startup Life Unscripted
  • Karma Circle Approach
Important Time Stamps
  • Start, Pivot, Succeed: Steve Grace’s Tale of Innovation in Recruitment (0:53 – 4:10)
  • Fast Track to Success: Steve Grace on Building the Dream Tech Team (5:18 – 8:39)
  • Equity and Evolution: Steve Grace’s Wisdom on Shaping a Dynamic Startup Team (8:40 – 1:53)
  • Recruitment Reshaped: Steve Grace’s Take on Global Hiring in the Digital Age (11:54 – 16:05) 
  • Startup Stories: Steve Grace’s Innovative Approach to Attracting Top Talent (16:06 – 18:38)
  • Startup Spirit: Steve Grace on the Positivity and Passion Driving Success (21:40 – 25:34)
  • Karma Circle Magic: Steve Grace’s Formula for Business Growth and Impact (25:39 – 32:14) 

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Startup Life: Unscripted | LinkedIn
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