DevReady PodcastBuilding Tomorrow: Sam Saltis and the Core dna Blueprint – EP 124 – DevReady Podcast

In this engaging episode of the DevReady Podcast, our hosts, Andrew Romeo and Anthony Sapountzis sit down with Sam Saltis, Founder & CEO of Core dna. Join the conversation as Sam takes us on a captivating journey through his tech evolution, sharing insights into the inception and growth of Core dna, reflections on international experiences, and a visionary outlook on the future of technology and entrepreneurship. Sam’s wealth of experiences provides a fascinating backdrop for discussions on building, scaling, and navigating the dynamic landscape of the tech industry.

Sam takes us on a journey through his tech evolution, starting from his teenage experimentation with bulletin boards to becoming the driving force behind a global tech company. The conversation delves into Sam’s experiences at ANZ, the pivotal decision to pursue an MBA, and the inception of Core dna, an enterprise cloud platform now recognized globally.

Core dna operates with a distributed team across multiple countries, emphasizing its unique selling points such as affordability, adaptability for various business sizes, and challenges in convincing larger enterprises to transition from established platforms. Sam provides insights into the diverse client needs, ranging from complex integrations for extensive websites to mid-market enterprises seeking efficient content management.

The episode unfolds Core dna’s innovative solution for the challenge of integrating and transferring content across different platforms. Sam shares the entrepreneurial journey of transitioning from the banking sector to founding a tech business, identifying opportunities in connecting shopping centers and retailers to the internet. The evolution from agency to a product-centric business, rewriting systems, and launching the “Expect Factor” platform are discussed in detail.

Sam reflects on his international experiences in India and the United States, emphasizing cultural differences, challenges during the tech boom in India, and diverse business mindsets in the U.S. He critiques the cutthroat mentality in some parts of the U.S. and highlights the collaborative, win-win approach he prefers in business.

The episode concludes with Sam’s future plans, including giving back to startups, exploring innovative business models, bringing software development in-house, and global expansion. Sam underscores the importance of recognizing unique strengths in the tech industry, advocating for trust-building through relationships and outcomes over financial competition.

The conversation also touches on the changing dynamics of social interactions, engagement with interesting people, and the transformative role of AI in various industries. Sam’s insights offer a comprehensive view of Core dna’s growth, the tech industry’s challenges, and his forward-looking vision for the future.

Topics Covered
  • Teenage Tech Explorer to CEO: Sam’s Tech Journey 
  • Core dna’s Rise: Cloud Platforms, Coding, and Global Commerce
  • Building Success Globally: Core dna’s Distributed Dream Team
  • Platform Powerhouse: Core dna’s Affordable and Adaptable Edge
  • Content-Centric Strategy: Sam’s Recipe for Business Triumph
  • Automating Integration: Core dna’s Code-Light Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Evolution: Shifting from Services to Products
  • Sams Tech Adventures from Bombay (now Mumbai) to Boston 
  • AI in Focus: Navigating the Tech Landscape’s Future
  • Trust in Tech: Relationship Dynamics, Outcomes, and Team Magic
Important Time Stamps 
  • From Bulletin Boards to Global Enterprise: Sam’s Tech Journey (0:31 – 4:01)
  • Sam Spills the Beans: Why Core dna Beats Shopify Plus for Many Businesses! (4:02 – 8:02)
  • From Custom Code to Clean Vanilla with Core dna’s Workflow Magic (8:04 – 10:38)
  • From Telephony Troubles to Tech Triumph: Sam Saltis’ Journey to Core dna (11:35 – 16:40)
  • Global Tech Diaries: Sam on Mumbai, Boston, and Finding Balance! (16:50 – 23:00)
  • Future Focus: Sam on Shifting Business Models and Giving Back to Startups! (23:01 – 31:18)
  • From Losses to Lessons: Sam Saltis on Navigating the Path to Tech Success! (31:52 – 36:30)
  • Sam Saltis on Navigating a Brave New World of Innovation! (37:42 – 39:30)
  • Competing Beyond Dollars: Sam Saltis’ Playbook for Tech Triumphs! (40:18 – 41:58)

Sam Saltis | LinkedIn

Core dna | LinkedIn

Core dna | Website
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