DevReady PodcastIn the Mind of a Mentor: Youssef Jalloul’s Advice for Founders – EP 125 – DevReady Podcast

In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, our host, Anthony Sapountzis, is joined by Youssef Jalloul, a seasoned Tech Entrepreneur, Venture Builder, and Mentor. Tune in to this episode as Youssef takes us on a captivating journey through his diverse entrepreneurial experiences – from founding hydroponics farms to navigating the complexities of the tech industry. Youssef also shares valuable insights and reflections on the Lebanese financial crisis and unveils his latest venture, “Actively,” a groundbreaking approach to air travel and activity planning in the web3 era. Get ready for a narrative filled with innovation, resilience, and a wealth of wisdom for startup founders.

Youssef’s journey unfolds as a dynamic narrative of entrepreneurial ventures and technological innovation. From founding hydroponics farms during university to navigating the challenges of the tech industry, he shares a diverse array of experiences. Youssef’s journey encompasses social projects, a tech company in Abu Dhabi, and diverse investments, including medical systems, e-learning, and e-commerce platforms. The interview delves into the complexities of the Lebanese financial crisis, the establishment of an innovative accelerator, and its unfortunate closure due to economic challenges.

The discussion seamlessly transitions to Youssef’s relocation to Sydney amid the COVID-19 pandemic, narrating the two-year process to ensure stability for his family. Youssef’s focus on self-discovery in the past year and a half culminates in his exploration of new opportunities, particularly in the realm of web3 technology. This exploration leads to the introduction of “Actively,” a groundbreaking air travel and activity planner that utilizes AI and QR codes to bridge the gap between traditional and modern practices, emphasizing sustainability and personalized user experiences.

The narrative takes an introspective turn as Youssef reflects on his entry into the tech industry through his parents’ development company. The journey involves an award-winning Arabic reading and writing software, its evolution into a web platform, and the impactful effort to address literacy gaps in the Middle East. Youssef’s insights for startup founders become a focal point, emphasizing the “build fast, fail faster” mindset, the significance of experiments before substantial investment, and the critical role of a diverse and collaborative team.

The interview concludes with Youssef’s current endeavors, including the pursuit of pilots for his innovative projects and the imminent launch of YJ Ventures. This platform aims to combine a venture builder with a scale-up program, showcasing Youssef’s passion for guiding founders, navigating the challenges of convincing clients to embrace change, and leveraging the supportive startup ecosystem in Australia.

Topics Covered
  • Youssef Jalloul’s Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Social Projects and Tech Initiatives
  • Diversified Investments in Lebanon
  • Challenges in Lebanon’s Financial Crisis
  • Relocation to Sydney Amid COVID-19
  • Web3 Technology and Startup Mentoring
  • “Actively” Venture
  • Community Support in Startup Growth
  • Tech Evolution in Teaching Arabic
  • Startup Insights and Advice
Important Time Stamps
  • From Hydroponics to High-Tech: Youssef Jalloul’s Entrepreneurial Journey (0:37 – 3:38)
  • Lebanon to Sydney: Youssef’s Resilience Amidst Crisis and Change (3:39 – 7:11)
  • Navigating the Future: Youssef’s Dive into Web3 and Startup Ventures (7:12 – 13:26)
  • Tech for Good: Youssef’s Family’s Award-Winning Journey in Literacy Innovation (13:44 – 16:20)
  • Fast Track to Success: Youssef Jalloul’s Mantra – Build Fast, Fail Faster! (16:59 – 21:17)
  • Bottom Line Matters: Youssef’s Insights on Investor Priorities (22:19 – 29:52)
  • Piloting Innovation: Youssef Jalloul’s Quest for Startup Evolution in Australia (30:06 – 33:37) 

Youssef Jalloul | LinkedIn
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