IDE stands for Integrated Developer Environment. This is a specialized piece of software that helps developers create more software or apps. An IDE will typically have a source code editor with the ability to allow a developer to debug that source code and tools to help build that code into the version that is required to be run on a specific device (e.g., compiling an application into an executable app to run on Windows or compiling an iOS app to run an iPhone or iPad).
The benefit of using an IDE in development is that they provide tools and streamlined workflows to allow code to be written quicker than if developers were writing code in individual files through a notepad editor.
Some useful features that an IDE provides are:
  • syntax highlighting
  • style formatting
  • linking definitions of objects to where they are in the source code
  • finding all references of a certain object
  • being able to change the name of variables across the entire code
  • code completion
  • debugging
  • compiler linking
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