JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a human-readable structure that allows data to be transmitted between software systems.
JSON is structured in key-value pairs with objects or arrays. What this means is that for each property, the key can have a value such as "colour": "brown" or it can have an array (list of values), such as "colourList": ["red", "blue", "brown", "black"] or even an object which contains its key-value pairs, such as "colourObject": {"r": 120, "g": 123, "b": 90}.
This file format allows for easy data transmission between any system developed in any language and has become the basis for API communication between many platforms, products, tools, and apps.
Given below is an example of a JSON file:
  "colour": "brown",
  "colourList": [
  "colourObject": {	
	"r": 120,
	"g": 123,
	"b": 90
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